Our mission at Nature’s Aid is to bring you the purest hemp-derived CBD products that everyone can afford. We believe that quality is foremost in every product that we create.

That means NO cutting corners and NO substandard ingredients.

In the unregulated world of CBD, we jump through hoops to ensure that Nature’s Aid products are both safe and effective. Here is how we do it…

  • Our CBD is extracted and processed in accordance with the Utah Department of Agriculture.
  • Our bottling facility is USDA Certified Organic and GMP Certified.
  • All of our CBD is 3rd party tested for pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, and concentrations of cannabinoids (Including CBD and THC), this information can be found on the certificate of analysis (available upon request). [email protected]
Batch Number CBD Levels < .3% THC Date
066201210PM Passed  Passed 3/12/2020
065201308PM Passed  Passed 3/12/2020
065201307PM Passed  Passed 3/12/2020
066201309PM Passed  Passed 3/12/2020
067201322PM Passed  Passed 3/10/2020
067201321PM Passed  Passed 3/10/2020
042201321PM Passed  Passed 2/18/2020
6oz Bath Bomb Citrus PM Passed  Passed 1/30/2020
6oz Bath Bomb Peppermint PM Passed  Passed 1/30/2020
6oz Bath Bomb Lavender PM Passed  Passed 1/30/2020
023201337MP Passed  Passed 1/30/2020
023201337PM Passed  Passed 1/30/2020
311191312M Passed  Passed 1/30/2020
343192184R.055P Passed  Passed 12/23/2019
343192185R.055P Passed  Passed 12/23/2019
343192185R.055M Passed  Passed 12/23/2019
343192184R.055M Passed  Passed 12/17/2019
343192186R.055M Passed  Passed 12/17/2019
343192185R.055M Passed  Passed 12/17/2019
326192182.055M Passed  Passed 12/14/2019
BN24819M Passed  Passed 12/6/2019
326192184R.055P Passed  Passed 12/4/2019
326192185R.055P Passed  Passed 12/4/2019
326192182R.055P Passed  Passed 12/4/2019
BN33119EM Passed  Passed 12/2/2019
326192184R.055M Passed  Passed 12/2/2019
326192185R.055M Passed  Passed 12/2/2019
326192186R.055M Passed  Passed 12/2/2019
311191312P Passed  Passed 11/20/2019
19281P Passed  Passed 11/8/2019
19281M Passed  Passed 11/7/2019
BN28319M Passed  Passed 10/17/2019
BN28219M Passed  Passed 10/17/2019
227192181.055M Passed  Passed 10/15/2019
227192181.055P  Passed  Passed 10/15/2019
235192181.055M  Passed  Passed 10/15/2019
235192181.055P  Passed  Passed 10/15/2019
246191307M Passed Passed 10/10/2019
246191307R Passed Passed 10/10/2019
246191307P Passed Passed 10/10/2019
246191307T Passed Passed 10/10/2019
239192181.1375M Passed Passed 10/10/2019
239192181.1375P Passed Passed 10/10/2019
239192181.1375R Passed Passed 10/10/2019
239192181.1375T Passed Passed 10/10/2019
239192181.275M Passed Passed 10/10/2019
239192181.275P Passed Passed 10/10/2019
239192181.275R Passed Passed 10/10/2019
239192181.275T Passed Passed 10/10/2019
281192181.055MH Passed Passed 10/09/2019
262192181P Passed Passed 10/03/2019
240192181.55M Passed Passed 09/30/2019
240192181.55P Passed Passed 09/30/2019
240192181.55R Passed Passed 09/30/2019
240192181.55T Passed Passed 09/30/2019